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Lorrie Andrews (Owens) - I am Lorrie (Andrews) Owens- Class of 76. Played clarinet (badly, I must admit) but have very fond memories of being part of the Ridley Raider Band. After reading all the interesting bios on the reunion website, I have tried to come up with something “flashy” about my life since high school, but ordinary and happy seem to be the only way to describe myself since then. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from West Chester in 80. Worked many jobs in the medical and corporate field and then retired after my last child was born. I became a stay at home Mom, tending the home front while my husband climbed the corporate ladder (he was the VP of Independence Blue Cross until his retirement last year). We have raised 6 kids and somehow managed to maintain our sanity! With only 2 left at home and one of those ready to go off to college next year, the house was not crazy enough, so we took in one of our son’s best friends and will hopefully send him off to college next year as well. We are the proud grandparents of Payton Christopher who is 15 months old and are eagerly awaiting the birth of a grand-daughter in November. In my spare time (?!?) I am very involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, love to travel with my husband and help take care of my Mom who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the past 10 years. I am really looking forward to the reunion and hope to catch up with all the band members from 73-76. See you in October!!
Pat Bartusik - Hi, I am Pat Bartusik or Mrs. B. I am the mother of Ron and Cindy who played in the band from 86-92. I had the privilege of being a RAMP member and going to band camp as the nurse and then working with the uniforms. I have many great memories of watching practice and preparing for band comps. But the best part was getting to know the great kids who worked so hard and had such dedication to their craft. I am retired from Taylor Hospital and still live in Ridley Park and am the grandmother of 4 beautiful children. See you at the reunion.
Ed Black - I graduated in 1979. I started playing trumpet, then was 1 of 3 French horn players. I went into the Air Force a month after graduation and stayed in for 24 years. My trumpet playing continued in the Air Force as a member of the Drum & Bugle Corps. After retiring in 2003 I turned to Real Estate and am now a REALTOR with RE/MAX (need to buy or sell a house? :-) Even though I think I had a late start, I have an 18 year old son (which makes me feel really old) and a set of 12 year old triplets; two boys and a girl. Yes, they are a handful, but I feel totally blessed! During my stance in the Air Force I traveled around the states and world doing a tour in Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield/Storm and a year tour in South Korea. I've settled in Maryland, but my heart will always be in Pennsylvania (go EAGLES!). I think it will be fun reminiscing and seeing how we all have changed over the years. See you all there. If anyone out there wants to "catch up", I can be reached at ed@teamblackberry.com.


Andrea Borrelli – I am a 1990 graduate and was part of the marching band (color guard) & indoor guard throughout high school… Good & Evil, the Chinese show and Scheherazade, were my years. After graduation, I had the privilege of teaching color guard & marching for about 5 GREAT years while attending Drexel University for Interior Design, where I now teach as an adjunct. I’ve now been working for various architectural firms in Philadelphia designing & managing the construction of corporate offices & private residences for the past 15 years & love it! I met my architect husband, Blanton, while “fishing in the office pond” 7 years ago & just married this past May. We’re still in the area & every so often on a September night can hear the snares & quads while the horns warm up on the practice field….. it certainly takes you back! See you in October!
Dianne Brochet (Hilferty) - Hi there! My name is Dianne (Brochet) Hilferty and I am a proud graduate from the BEST class to come out of Ridley Senior High School - Class of 1986!!! I played clarinet, alto sax, and mellophone in the band. Immediately upon graduation, I remained with the Ridley Raider Marching Band for about 9 years as a marching instructor. Those years are some of the most memorable of my entire life. I made many friends, had a lot of laughs, learned a whole bunch about people and life in general, and realize now, as I look back, how quickly time flies. I am married to my best friend, Dan, and together we have 3 gorgeous children - Danny (age 8), Katie (6), and Kevin(3). I currently teach first grade at Amosland Elementary School and have been teaching in the district for about 16 years now. The hubby currently works for REMAX Town & Country, so if anyone out there is looking to buy or sell a home, I'm sure Dan would be happy to help you (610.745.4989)!! LOL!! Anyway, I can not WAIT for the reunion, it's going to be a FABULOUS time, and I sure do hope to see you there!! Take care!! XOXO!! -Di
Lynn Bullock (Fusco) - Hi!! I am a 1986 graduate! I was a member of the Drill Line from 10th through 12th grade, and was Captain in 11th and 12 grade. Being a part of the Drill Line meant everything to me...I loved being a part of the Ridley Raider Band! I was lucky to be on such wonderful Drill Line squads with such wonderful people. I haven't seen most of them since high school, and really miss a lot of them!! I have been married for 17 years to my wonderful husband, Jeff, who was also a 1986 Ridley graduate. We have 5 beautiful children - Jeff Jr. (10), Angelo (7), Mary (5), and twins Gabrielle & Amanda (3). I stopped working as a Controls Specialist at State Farm Insurance when Jeff Jr. was born. I have been a stay-at-home mom ever since, and am lucky that I am able to be home with them (thanks to my hard working hubby!!). I am looking forward to seeing and getting back in touch with former Drill Line members, band members, and old friends! God Bless, and hope to see you soon!
Robin Coutant (Gregory) - trumpet ‘86. Like Dianne “Brochet” Hilferty, I too graduated in the BEST year having had an enormous blast in the band. I will always relish band comps and Venice pizza afterward… After High School, I went to University of DE and graduated with a nursing degree and immediately was commissioned as a Naval Officer. Oddly enough I’m still doing it 18+ years later (and now am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) and anticipate “retiring” from the military in a little less than 2 years. I have truly “seen the world” just like the slogan says and while stationed in Spain met my terrific hubby Brent. After about 3 months of dating, we got stuck in a major blizzard on a narrow mountain road in our truck for 6 days without food and very little water (ultimately buried under 86” of snow). We vowed that if we lived through it we would get married. Well the rest is history and now we have 2 beautiful kids Erin (8) and Jack (6). We live in Oceanside, CA on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and life is good. I hope to see lots of “old” friends at the reunion!
Samuel J Crispin III - I graduated in 1988. I played the baritone horn for the marching band and rhythm guitar in the junior high jazz band and bass guitar in senior high jazz band and pit band. I was also a member of the chorus and jazz ensemble. After graduation, I attended Pennsylvania Institute of Technology and received a Specialized Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. I still live in the Ridley school district. I am still working for Folcroft Transportation Incorporated as a diesel mechanic, truck driver, and clerical. I married my wife Monica and we have five children, Michael, Patrick, Robert, Nichole and Jessica. Michael is graduating this year from Ridley High School and Patrick is graduating from Sun Valley High School this year. My son Robert is a sophomore at Ridley High School and a member of the football team #59. My daughter Nichole is playing flute and bass guitar for the Ridley Middle School band and Jazz band. Jessica is a member of the Ridley Middle School Chorus. My hobbies still include music and football. My email address is samcrispin69@aol.com. In the summer of 2005 my brother David and I starred in the movie "INVINCIBLE" with Mark Wahlberg. We can be seen in the movie just before Mark runs his forty yard sprint in open tryouts and while he is catching passes. I am wearing a white football jersey with a blue # 34 and David is in a blue Jersey with a Yellow # 5. If you own the DVD, David is in the background video at the Main Menu. We got to meet Mark and Greg Kinnear and Freddy Barnett (who was in the stands during a break).
Vincent DeMarco - Well it’s getting close to the reunion. Hope all is well. My memories of band were the my fellow band members. We had a great time on, off the competition field and all those wild parties. I made many special friendships during those mid 70’s. Even to this day, several of us are still best friends. I remember the one reunion that was organized many years ago. It was great seeing everyone. I have met some band members at class reunions where we reminisce about old time. As for myself, I am still single (Haven’t found my match), I have worked for 13 years with a large Delco developer and now working for a commercial carpet firm in our Delco area for 15 years. Yes , I never left our area. I still live in Ridley township. Well, the remaining details of what I have done will wait till the reunion. Come see me on October 13, 2007
Diane DiDomenico - Many of my best memories of Ridley include feeling and hearing the incredible sound of the Swallow Band which was very unique in 1972. I am in Los Angeles and spent most of my career as an Aerospace Engineer for TRW, now Northrup-Grumman. Also have a R.E. Brokers License and still twirl my old baton for my kids friends to show them a very ancient and lost art of entertainment!! Think they should bring back more traditional half-time shows and skip the Britanny/Justin/Janet, etc. manufactured and over produced exhibitions of minimal talent. I wish someone had a video of our shows that could accurately depict how talented our musicians were. I was just on the periphery but loved it just the same. Thank you guys for giving it your all....DDD
Valerie Dzedzy (Conner) - Hi Everyone !! I graduated in 1975 and was a member of the Majorettes. Band was so much fun and I have so many great memories of the football games, band camp, competition, and most of all, friends and the FAMILY !! I am currently living in Norwood and my children are Mindy, age 28; Pete, age 24; and Sara, age 20 and my 7 year old Golden Retriever, Zander who is my baby. I am working as a Payroll Supervisor for a national staffing firm. Hopefully, I'll be able to make the reunion. Would love to hear from the old gang. Americandreams57@yahoo.com.
Paul Edson - Hi, my name is Paul Edson. I graduated 1976. My nickname was Edsel. Played drums in Marching, Concert and Jazz Bands. I thoroughly enjoyed and was very proud of all my years in the Ridley Raider Bands. Thank You Mr. Swallow. Thank You fellow Band Members and Units. As I remember, the drum lines, musicianship and band camaraderie were always awesome! The Vet Stadium performance, competitions, jazz festivals, parades, games, car washes, paper drives, hoagie sales, camp, buses…. All incredible memories. After high school, I continued to pursue a career in music for 20 years. The remaining ‘70s included tons of weddings, corporate and club gigs. I spent the ‘80s on the road from Canada to Florida, the Southwest and all states in between. I worked with an original band, a club / dance / show band and ended the ‘80s backing various oldies acts / tours. Casino showrooms, Catskills, Poconos, East & Gulf Coast resorts, arenas, nightclubs, flatbed trucks, county fairs, capitol steps, car shows, baseball fields, amusement parks… All very ‘Spinal Tap’. Some highlights include meeting and playing on stage for (my all-time favorite band) ‘Yes’, ‘Three Dog Night’ ‘The Hooters’ and Cyndi Lauper. To top the ‘80s off, I toured Japan playing with guitar legend Chuck Berry. From ’89 to ’96, I worked with (coincidentally) ‘The Big Edsel Band’, mostly tri-state and Jersey Shore areas. I started to get a little road / club-worn and decided to go to technical school. In ’96, I put away the drum cases, and have been a systems field tech in the wireless messaging industry serving communication needs for medical, police, fire, EMT, government, etc. I have been married since ’98. I have a step-daughter Cheri, a senior in college studying music education and wielding a wicked flute. I still play drums occasionally and am getting better on keyboards. My wife Lizzie plays bass guitar and we often use a lot of my high school music theory! We have produced and recorded our own Christmas music albums featuring flute, keys, bass and drums for the last 3 years. Hope to see you soon!

Dave Emplit - I graduated in 1974 and played trumpet in the band all through high school. My nickname in high school was Clem. The time spent in the band room and being part of the band are some of my best memories of high school. I am still living in the area. I have three kids all grown up now as well as four grandkids and another on the way. I work as a Field Engineer in the biotech industry and have been doing that since 1979. My hobbies and interests include music, computers, boating, and reading. I haven't really kept up with the horn, although I still pick it up for fun now and then. I am an avid follower of independent musicians and enjoy all types and genres of music. I like to attend concerts on a regular basis. I enjoy all aspects of computers, from games to programming, and spend time volunteering as a computer tech for friends, family and small businesses. I also love boating, including sailing and power boating as well as canoeing, kayaking and rowing. I enjoy reading, mostly fiction, or maybe geeky technical manuals, and enjoy discovering new authors I haven't read before. I am really looking forward to seeing all my old band friends at the reunion! Feel free to email me at Dave@DavidEmplit.com.   Peace, Dave

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